Following are just a few of the many happy folks that have adopted puppies from us!


These images and testimonies are of real people that have adopted our amazing French Bulldog puppies and have been used by permission.



Location: Ft Wayne IN

Puppy Adopted: Blue Belle

   Can't believe we have had Cocoa for over a year now. She is very ornery at times but also very loving and totally a daddy's girl. Tank is just as sweet as he is handsome and so smart.  Just wanted to send you some updated photos of Tank and Cocoa and the one on the boat has Ruger (my brother's dog he also got from you) This was after a long day on the lake. They are living their best life spoiled as can be. Hope you and your family are doing well! 


Location: Ft Wayne IN

Puppy Adopted: Blue Belle

   Hey Daniel! Hope you and your family are doing well. We just celebrated having Tank aka Blue Belle in our family for a year this week. We are so in love with him. He is so chill and has a great personality. He pretty much goes everywhere with us from vacation, work, the store and out to dinner. So he may be a little spoiled. I included some pics so you can see how handsome our boy is and one of him with my brother’s dog whom he got from you. 








Location: Ft Wayne IN

Puppy Adopted: Crystal

   I consider myself extremely fortunate to have found Vibrant French Bulls.  Having looked for several weeks for a French Bulldog puppy, the Vibrant website provided so much helpful and heartwarming information — their breeding philosophy, their socialization of puppies by members of the Graber family, plus all the basics needed to make a purchase…and, of course, all the adorable photos of the adults and puppies. When I had the opportunity to visit their facility recently, I was so impressed…and filled with excitement and anticipation.  Today I came home with Crystal, and I am overjoyed.  Thanks to Daniel Graber and his family for such a wonderful experience.








Location: Fishers IN

Puppy Adopted: Molly

   I had a fantastic experience from start to finish with Daniel and Vibrant French Bulls. I found the puppy of my dreams on his website and I texted Daniel if I would be able to see her when she was just 3 weeks old. Daniel allowed me to come to his facility the next day to meet her. His facility was spotless and all of the puppies including the parents were well taken care of. I was very happy to have been able to meet both the mom and dad of the puppy that I bought. From the minute I brought Poppy home she adjusted very well with our other two dogs. You could tell that the puppies were very well socialized and handled well at a young age. The day I picked Poppy up, Daniel gave me a little goody bag with some of her dog food, a toy and her entire record of vaccines that she has already been given. I took Poppy to the vet the very next day after purchasing her, and she had a clean bill of health. Another thing I loved about Daniel is that he would send me weekly updates and pictures of her growth! Overall, I would highly recommend anyone that is looking  for an adorable and healthy Frenchie to start their search at Vibrant French Bulls with Daniel. 

Cale & Ellie

Location: Chicago IL

Puppy Adopted: Reggie

   We researched several French bulldog breeders in search for our new puppy, but none as helpful and easy to work with as Daniel and Vibrant French Bulldogs.


We picked up Reggie, our new Frenchie puppy, from Daniel and Vibrant French Bulldogs in April 2019.  Reggie was our first puppy who we immediately fell in love with and could not be happier with.


Reggie is so well behaved and loves to be around other people.  He also loves to relax and watch TV with us when he’s not playing with his toys!


We reached out to Daniel when Reggie was only about a month old.  We immediately felt comfortable and quickly decided to make Reggie a part of our home. 


Leading up to us meeting Reggie for the first time (a few months out) Daniel was incredibly informative and would always keep us in the loop about how Reggie was doing.  We would even get weekly picture/video updates, which was amazing!


We couldn’t be any happier with the breeder we chose, and the puppy we brought into our home!







Evonne & William

Location: Portland Oregon

Puppy Adopted: Riley 

   We don't have a written testimony from Evonne yet, but I did get here permission to tell the story of how her, William and sweet little Riley met. Since they live in Oregon, we had the wonderful opportunity to fly with Riley and hand deliver him to Evonne and William. Needless to say it was an amazing experience for all of us!


We tried in vain to schedule a flight nanny service to fly with Riley, but it just wasn't meant to be. Instead, My daughter and I got to go on a little excursion to Seattle! The flight was good, the meet up went without a hitch and the sights of Seattle were amazing (Of course, the coffee at the top of the Space Needle was great as well:-)


We had a great trip and are very thankful that Riley found a loving home!












Location: Chicago IL

Puppy Adopted: Louie

  To bring joy to this unprecedented year, we decided to add a puppy to our family and began searching for French Bulldog breeders. We researched several, but none compared to Daniel and Vibrant French Bulls.

Louie is a happy healthy puppy with a great demeaner, who from the day we brought him home, he was well socialized, and happily greets new friends ( 2 and 4 legged alike!).


We brought Louie home at 8 weeks, until this time Daniel kept us up to date on Louie’s progress and was very helpful in answering our questions.


Louie is a loving puppy who enjoys playing, socializing with other dogs, showing off his new tricks for treats, and especially a good nap by the fire.


We feel very lucky to have found Vibrant French Bulls, and for finding Louie. Big thank you for Daniel and his family!












Location: Scottsdale AZ

Puppy Adopted: Honey & Precious 

   Daniel and family, thank you so much for introducing us to our beloved girls, Bella and Coco! (Formerly Precious & Honey) They are thriving because of your loving care as they started their lives. As you can see they are growing and are enjoying their new lives in Scottsdale. Farmers Market, ✅! Thank you, Kathi